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Nature and Forest Therapy

Nature Immersion/ Forest Therapy is a practice of remembering our relationship with the natural world; establishing reciprocity and sustainability with the earth; and in so doing healing ourselves, others and the world as we realize we are all connected. As a certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide, through the Association of Nature and Therapy Guides, I help each person find their particular genius and gifts on their journey to wholeness. I create a space to enter the world of nature, with the seen and unseen, and help to establish a deep relationship with those parts of yourself that yearn to emerge.


Guided Walks

Forest and Nature Therapy walks  are designed to awaken all of your senses to your surrounding environment as you fully embody the healing nature of the seen and unseen worlds. The walks generally last about 2 1/2 hours on gentle terrain and consists of a series of invitations allowing you experience all that nature holds.

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About Me

Creating space for the truth to be revealed

Hi, my name is Sandy Troyano.  From a young age I have been drawn to the beauty of the deep blue skies against the white snowy mountains in winter, the pale green budding beginnings of spring, the abundant forests of summer and the rich golden colors of fall.  I try to live in harmony with all beings, as well as with the stones, waters, sky and land. As a certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy, a licensed Spiritual Practitioner and an Environmental Attorney, my goal is to guide others in health and wellness by experiencing the deep and magical awakening and healing that occurs as we re-connect with all that nature holds, knowing we truly are all one.

Client Testimonials

"This was such a wonderful experience in being grounded and connecting with nature. I loved learning about all who tended the land before me.  It helped bring the forest alive for me."

"I hope other people will seek this experience as part of their own healing.  I strongly feel that connecting with the natural world is essential to our mental and physical health. After the walk, I feel more centered, still and present which is not the typical state for me."

"I appreciate Sandy's forethought, planning, and attention to detail.  Forest Therapy with her was special, magical, and tremendously insightful- a total disruption to everyday stressors."

"I have had a few forest baths with Sandy and continue to reap benefits from each. In the most recent one, Sandy guided me to connect with the Stone people and receive their wisdom. Sandy held the space beautifully which allowed me to open and receive a powerful and beneficial message. Sandy is truly connected to the natural realm and gifted in her ability to open others to receive it's healing. Thank you, Sandy."

                                                            NATURE AS HEALER

Some Front Range mental health workers are using nature as a 'co-therapist'


Lots of Coloradans spend their free time hiking through the forest, climbing mountains and backpacking through the wilderness, but some of these adventurers are simultaneously working on improving their mental health.

That’s because of a variety of outdoor mental health programs along the Front Range that are using nature as a “co-therapist.” 


Posted on Sunday March 27, 2022:,391101



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  • A 2 1/2 hour immersion into the natural world

    40 US dollars


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